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  • Bundi Laddu 390.00780.00

    Banarsi Misthan Bhandar’s Signature “Bundi Ladoo”: Melt-in-mouth spheres blending fine bundis, desi ghee, and sugar—a Diwali and wedding favorite.

  • Kaju Burfi
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    Kaju Burfi also known as Kaju Katli is the most famous dessert in India diamond-shaped, made with cashew nuts and desi ghee.

    1111 in stock

  • Masoor Dalmoth 370.00740.00

    Masoor Dalmoth: North Indian delight, fried masoor with spicy spices, nuts, and crunchy sev. Enjoy its special flavor with tea or coffee

    1110 in stock

  • Mewa Bundi Laddoo 440.00880.00

    Mewa Bundi Laddoos: Rich, melt-in-mouth spheres blending fine boondis, desi ghee, sugar, and premium almonds, pistachios.

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